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Don’t Fall in Love, Grow

Love, something that is cherished, hoped for and needed in our lives. Today people all over the world offer celebrations of love. My husband and I however choose to celebrate our love on February 22nd. That is the date of our first date. It is the day when we began to grow in love for one another. I had a Bible professor in college tell us in a marriage and family class, 

If you fall in love, your gonna get hurt. But if your grow into love it will abide.” Professor, Marvin Daniel.

Grow in love, via Marriage Moments at Great Peace Academy
When my beloved and I started dating there was no doubt a physical attraction, but it was the growing part that has kept us together all of these years.  
I believe that just as faith is tested in the fire 1 Peter 2:7, we can see the parallel to that in marriage. Love is tested in the fire.
We go through many struggles in marriage, everything from which way to fold socks, whose way is the right way kind of struggles, to financial burdens, life changing hardships, loss of jobs, and external temptations.
It is only when we choose every day to love beyond ourselves, despite the trials, that we grow our love. {Tweet That} That’s the thing. Love is a choice. Each day in marriage we must decide; today, I’m going to love this person no matter what. Today, I’m going to put seek their highest need above my own. Today, I choose to love.
It is through the daily choosing that we grow into love, abiding, faithful love.

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Marriage Moments at Great Peace Academy


*Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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