100 Games for Gifted Kids

Games for Gifted Children

As a homeschool mom to a gifted child I’m always on the lookout for items that will keep my son engaged, inspired and not bored. Gifted children tend to get bored quickly. Because they can analyze, adapt and master challenges at a quicker rate the challenge that at one time was fun and exciting quickly can become old hat. Inspiring your child with games for gifted kids that are challenging is a great way to keep them motivated.

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Finding ways to challenge gifted kids can be overwhelming. That’s why today I’m offering you 100 Games that can challenge gifted minds. You’ll find affiliate links to most of the games which will take you to external sites where you can purchase any game that might be a great challenge for your child.

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100 Games for Gifted Kids

Challenge your students with 100 games for gifted kids. See this resource list at Great Peace Academy

 App Games for Gifted

Love them or hate them apps are a regular part of our lives these day. Rather than turning your heart away from them, perhaps it’s time to embrace app games so your gifted kids can be challenged again and again, with little, if any, expense.

  1. Geo Bee Challenge
  2. Hidden Object: Mystery Estate
  3. Hidden Object: Mystery Guardian
  4. Kookie – Tangram
  5. Minecraft
  6. Pegland
  7. SCRATCH (online)
  8. Simple Physics
  9. Unblock
  10. X Construction

Building Games for Gifted

There’s something to be said about letting little hands explore building. It serves as a foundation for understanding engineering principles. The best teacher is experience and building games put experience right in the palms of their hands.

  1. Artchitecto
  2. Arx 2.o
  3. Castle Blast
  4. Clicko
  5. Equilibrio
  6. Hexacity
  7. oinx
  8. Staxiz
  9. Suspend
  10. Tumba
  11. Twig

100 Games for Gifted Kids | ReneeatGreatPeace.com #games #gifted #giftedandtalented #gtchat #100Things #100games #ihsnet #homeschool #homeschoolmoms

Card Games for Gifted

Card games are great for helping gifted kids develop social skills. That’s because many card games are played in groups of two or more. Anytime you can get your gifted kids involved in gaming together they’ll naturally start to talk to each other.

  1. Anomia
  2. Bella’s Mystery Deck
  3. Davinci’s Challenge Card Game
  4. Fluxx
  5. Spot It
  6. Sushi Go

Classic Games for Gifted

We often prefer new and improved. But, sometimes the best games are the classic games that have been tried and true. These time tested classic games are great for gifted kids because they require using logic and reasoning to complete.

  1. 3 Way Circular Chess
  2. 4 Way Chess
  3. Backgammon
  4. Chess
  5. Chinese Checkers
  6. Mancala
  7. Peg Game
  8. Rack-o
  9. Scrabble
  10. Simon
  11. Stick Bombs

Educational Games for Gifted

Let’s face it, sometimes gifted kids find traditional learning to be boring. But, you can encourage them to learn many things through educational games. I’m listing a few here, but there are many more, this is certainly not an exhaustive list.

  1. 10 Days Geography Game Series
  2. American Trivia
  3. Australian Managerie
  4. Aristotle’s Number Puzzle
  5. Carcassonne
  6. DaVinci’s Challenge
  7. Dominion
  8. Equation
  9. Qwixx
  10. Rory’s Story Cubes
  11. Scrambled States of America
  12. Timeline
  13. Hoppers
  14. Robot Turtles
  15. Zingo!
  16. Paradox Box

Logic, Strategy & Tactic Games for Gifted

Gifted kids and logic and strategy games go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just makes sense. That’s because these kids simply have great logic skills. So finding ways to challenge them means introducing strategy games on a regular basis.

  1. Abalone
  2. Blokus
  3. Brain String
  4. Chaos
  5. Color Stix
  6. Dizios
  7. Gravity Maze
  8. Iota
  9. IQ Twist
  10. Linja
  11. Q-Bitz
  12. Qwirkle
  13. Qwirkle Cube
  14. String Railway
  15. Swish
  16. Tetris Stress Blocks
  17. Tic Tac Ku Red and White
  18. Zertz

Maze Games for Gifted

What’s funner than a maze? I know my son has been thrilled with every maze he’s ever had his hands on. The Perplexus series were especially a big hit for him.

  1. AMaze
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Mine Shift
  4. Perplexus
  5. Q Ba Maze
  6. Quoridor

Single Player Games

Gifted kids can often also be introverts. Also, it can be difficult to find a counterpart to match them wit for wit. So, single player games can cause them to be challenged without the pressure of feeling like they have to stress over the social aspect of gaming.

  1. Brick by Brick
  2. Block by Block
  3. Colorku
  4. Craniatics
  5. DaVinci’s Helicopter Puzzle
  6. Gordians Knot
  7. Moonscape
  8. Noodlers
  9. Quadrillion
  10. Rush Hour
  11. Shape by Shape
  12. Solitaire Chess
  13. Unhinged

 Word Games

Word games can be challenging. And, sometimes gifted kids find them to be super thrilling. They love the challenge of discovering obscure words

  1. Dabble
  2. Hit or Miss
  3. Jumbalaya
  4. Konexi
  5. Last Letter
  6. Smart Mouth
  7. Word a Round
  8. Word on the Street
  9. Yottsugo

I want to hear from you. What games seem most exciting for your gifted kid? What games did I miss that should be on the list? Join the conversation and share your favorite gifted games in comments.

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Challenge your students with 100 games for gifted kids. See this resource list at Renée at Great Peace #gifted #homeschool #games #ihsnet
100 Games for Gifted Kids

15 Replies to “100 Games for Gifted Kids

  1. I teach Kindergarten. I have 18 kiddos this year. 8 are in the high to gifted range, so I needed info and help on how to reach and teach them. Thank you so much for the resources!

  2. Mastermind (whether 4 or 5 space versions) is a color variant of a game called Bulls and Cows, which uses the 10 digits the same way. A bull is a right number in the right place, while a cow is a right number in a wrong place.

    There is also the word version of this, called Jotto. I was taught it with 5 letter words, but you can play with 4 or 10 or whatever! (10 letter Jotto is very challenging!) One player comes up with a word of X length. The other player(s) guess words of that length, rather than random combinations of letters, to try to narrow down the options and solve the puzzle. Rules for repeat letters vary, household to household. And usually we only tell how many letters are right, not whether their places are right or not.

    I was surprised to not see Set on your list of card games.

    I was less surprised to not see Chrononauts, though I think it belongs there. You might also check out Once Upon a Time. And continuing on with card games, Dixit is a ton of fun, whether or not one is gifted.

    One of the easiest options for the chess playing is to go to the Chess Variants websites and check those out! Lots of fun fairy chess versions to explore.

    And… if you are not afraid of losing friends, I love Diplomacy.

    1. Thanks Josh! These are some great tips. Some of which I’ve known about and others I did not. Love when readers share additional tips!! I also really like Coup, but when I was making the list I didn’t remember the name of it.

  3. I agree- add Set! Also, I just ordered Forbidden Island- won Mensa’s Favorite Brainy Game 2010. I am excited to add this to my collection.

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