100 Free LEGO Learning Printables

These days the web is filled with Free LEGO® Learning Printables, even here on this blog, you can download for free, counting and multiplication worksheets using LEGO bricks. Whether you are looking for hands-on learning for your preschooler, discovering how LEGO® based therapy can help your special needs child, or STEM work for your homeschool child you’ll find LEGO printables to meet your need. 

100 FREE LEGO Learning Printables | Renée at Great Peace #LEGO #

Most children love LEGO bricks and playing with them can also be a learning experience. But did you know you can take it one step further and structure learning around LEGO bricks? Yep, LEGO bricks can be used for a wide variety of subjects, from science and math to language arts and writing.

LEGO Learning can often be adapted for just about any type of unit study as well. 

I’ve pulled together some of the best FREE LEGO Learning Printables on the web {Tweet That} so you’ll have a ready resource available here on the GPA Learning with LEGO page.

LEGO Learning Printables

100 FREE LEGO Learning Printables | Renée at Great Peace #LEGO #

Miscellaneous LEGO Learning Printables


The BEST 100+ LEGO Learning Printable Resources on the Web | Great Peace Academy

Language Arts


History & Geography


Brick Loot

That brings us to 106 Free Printable LEGO Learning Downloads. Did I miss any? If you know of a printable or 2 that I haven’t included please share the title and link in comments.

Be sure to take a look at LEGO Learning to find even more learning ideas.

Ok it’s time to grab some LEGO Bricks, sit down with your children and let the learning begin.

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100+ Free Lego Learning Printable Resources | Great Peace Academy
100 Free LEGO Learning Printables

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  1. I was just browsing your list and a lot of the links are no longer valid. Most of the TpT ones just go to the main TpT page. #2 and #23 on math do not work at all. I have not looked past math yet, but just wanted to let you know so you can fix them or find other resources or whatever you would like to do. The ones that work are great resources though! Thank you for the time you put into this.

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