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I’m sure you are wondering what kinds of tasks I’m proficient in. If I were in your shoes I’d want to know too. I’ve done a variety of VA work projects and I most enjoy working on projects that typically take a diligent, consistent, thoughtful approach. I actually like doing tasks that may seem mundane to others.

I wanted to share with you my Virtual Assistance Portfolio showing a few of the projects and tasks that I’ve completed for my clients so you can have an idea of the kinds of work that I do. Where possible I’ve included photographs and in other places I’m sharing links to the location of the completed task.

Project Manager

As a project manager I can work on your behalf to manage a variety of projects. Need help hosting blog linky parties, curate round-up posts within your niche, or need a behind the scenes host for a Social Media Parties or campaigns?  Such projects definitely are time consuming and often lose steam once they’ve been started because of conistent follow through. 

That’s where I can help. I enjoy doing tasks that have a clear goal but require diligent planning and follow through. These are some of the projects I’m managed for a variety of clients.

eBook Authorship, Formatting & Publications

These are two books that I have written and self-published.


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These are two of the collaborative books that I have been privileged to be a part of co-authoring.

My Editorial Services

  • Basic, Copy editing
  • Heavy, Copy editing 
  • Final Proofreading before Publishing
  • Layout
  • Reformatting eBooks for Print (Create Space)
  • eBook Cover converted to 3D Cover Images

Cindy at Shining Dawn Books wanted to convert her unit study covers to a 3d images for her sales page. After consulting with her about what she wanted her overall asthetic to be, I worked to bring her flat cover designs into a 3d standing images. After trying a few samples she selected the general design she preferred, this included wrapping the spine and I was able to finish out her entire selection of nearly 30 unit study covers. Later she asked me to also do her 2 book covers. 

Printables & Downloads

I can create custom printables to your specifications, turn it into an easily accessible pdf and help you load the media file to your blog or cloud server so that you can offer downloads and printables on your blog or website.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve completed.

Building Landing Pages for Blogs

A landing page on a blog serves to funnel pageviews. By collecting similar content onto one page readers can discover what your niche topics are. Once they discover a topic they want to follow they can bookmark or pin the landing page and revisit it time and again. Since that page leads to other blog posts, these landing pages create an ideal funnel for growing pageviews. 

That’s exactly what Tina from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus wanted. She wanted landing pages to collect a variety of blog posts that centered around a central theme to be collected onto one easy to find page.

After discussing with Tina the various possibilities we determined that a page with visual cues which had a good flow was what she needed. So utilizing the images from her previous posts, I pulled together the various elements to design pages that truly shows off her work. Take a look at some of the resulting pages.

I’m Flexible, Just Ask

Need something not listed here or on my media kit? Just ask. I’ll evaluate the request and determine how I can assist you with the task. I’ll honestly tell you whether or not the task is something I can or can’t accomplish, and if not, I will recommend another VA that might suit your needs better.

Take a look at my VA Media Kit for Pricing.

Contact me by filling out this Contact Sheet or email me at [email protected] to discuss how I can assist you with your online presence, or web business tasks. 

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