A Great Peace Family is a family seeking peace through Biblical family roles found at Great Peace Academy.

Hello. We’re the Browns. You may have already met me but in case you haven’t, I’m Renée. My Beloved Michael and I have been married for 23 years and our love grows stronger with each passing year. That doesn’t mean we have a perfect life. Not at all. But we have learned through the struggles to cling closer to each other, rather than pushing each other away.  You can read more about our marriage relationship as I share tips, ideas and encouragement for Biblical marriage in Marriage Moments at Great Peace Academy.

Up there in the middle of that photo is our amazing son, Jonathan. Yes, we are a one-child family. We were blessed to be able to become parents through adoption and we are loving every minute of it. Young Man, as I often refer to him, is 11 years old and his adventures as a gifted learner is one I discuss often in my homeschooling posts.

We recently moved to the Kansas City Misouri area, after formerly living in Central Ohio for 16 years, and dicovering the many wonderful aspects of living in this part of the mid-west. Beloved is an Operations Manager for a major television sports corporation. I am a make a home, homeschooling mom who happens to blog. Young Man, is currently hoping to grow into an architect who designs mini-golf courses. He loves, strategy games, video games, and most recently the periodic table.

Together we are a family of three seeking to walk in the peace of God.

father's hand holds a palm of his wife and daughter

Our Family of Three

On the blog, I write about our only child family, being a boy mom, and ideas and tips for family bonding opportunities. But, I also try to be encouraging to moms in all situations. Motherhood is hard enough without everyone scrutinizing the way we do what we do. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other and encourage one another. So here you will find posts that encourage your role of motherhood,  your family time, and tips for growing a stronger bond.

 Join me as I explore the blessing of being a mom, life within an only child family, being mom to a boy and family togetherness and bonding. Feel free to ask questions, and share your family stories with me as well.  Be sure to also follow along with Marriage Moments where I encourage wives in their godly roles within the unity of a Biblical marriage. 


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