Peace at Home

In our home we seek to have great peace. We do this through maintaining the Biblical roles of marriage and family that we see in the word of God, the Bible. Throughout the Bible and specifically in the New Testament we can see God’s design for marriage and family. In understanding His great love for us we can know that His plan leads to both peace in this lifetime as well as the eternal life with Him. If we follow His plan, understanding that each role has an important function, we find peace within the home.

Through A Home of Great Peace, a newly formed division of Great Peace Academy I will provide encouraging posts for maintaining strong and peaceful marriages, family life, and ideas and tips for wives in their role as homemaker and meal makers.

In Our Home of Great Peace

A Family of Great Peace

In our home we are a family seeking the great peace, knowing that it can only come from a faithful relationship with God our Creator through His Son Jesus Christ. On the blog I share ideas and encouragement for families to grow, bond and develop strong connections and deeper relationships with each other and God. 

A Great Peace Family is a family seeking peace through Biblical family roles found at Great Peace Academy. 

Marriage Moments

I love being married. To date my Beloved and I have been married for 23 years. It hasn’t always been easy, in fact, sometimes life is downright hard, but having faith in God our Father and each other has helped us to grow stronger in our marriage relationship. I’ve learned that having a strong marriage is one of the foundation stones to homes of great peace. Follow along as I share Marriage Moments where I offer encouragement, tips, and advice for developing, growing and maintaining a strong Biblical marriage. 

 Marriage Moments by Renée at Great Peace 

Home & Keeping

I’m a firm believer in seeking to obey the Biblical standards that God has set for life, marriage, and the church. When we follow God’s plan life you will discover a home of great peace. In that, I seek to honor God, Christ, my husband and family by being a good keeper of the home as found in Titus 2. I also like to share encouragement for other wives and moms in their Biblical role of being a keeper of the home.

Home & Keeping, homemaking encouragement by Renée at Great Peace Academy.


 Meal Making

Part of being a good keeper of the home is meal making. It’s through this role that I feel that women can truly help their families develop homes of great peace because it’s around the dinner table that we can truly connect. For some meal making comes easy and for others it’s a daunting task. I love to cook, but planning isn’t always my strong suit, I like to plan from a well-stocked pantry concept. So you’ll discover meal planning ideas, tips for cooking, menus, and recipes for wives and moms who spend time meal making as part of her Biblical role as keeper of the home.

Meal Making

Join me as I explore the world of developing an home of great peace in our Biblical roles of the family . Know that I am learning right along with you, growing my own heart toward my God given role as a wife, loving mom and keeper of the home. I’m also open to hear ideas and suggestions, so if there is a particular area you are struggling in and I can offer encouragement or help, let me know. You can comment below, or send me a private email at [email protected].


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