Leaning on Each Other in Times of Struggle

This past week I had to make a spur of the moment decision to go visit my mom. She’s in the hospital. I decided to go on Thursday. Beloved already had plans for the day. But he cancelled them to go with me. I didn’t ask him to do so, he simply knew that I would prefer to have him there to lean upon.

Marriage Moment: Lean on Each Other at Great peace Academy
That is one of the reasons God created marriage. He knew that men needed a help meet. He knew that men needed a woman, and that the woman would need the man. Marriage is not something that should be taken as a throw away thing. It should become the rope by which two people are joined. When this happens, you begin to know each other’s needs. You begin to recognize when the other needs to lean on you. 

Over the years there have been times when Beloved has leaned upon me, as well as times when I lean upon him. 

Today, I travel out of town again for the majority of this week. This time to go support my parents while mom is not well. They lean upon each other, but sometimes they need a little extra support, so that is what I go to offer them.

I know however, that while I am away. Beloved is supporting me, by taking care of the home things. He will straighten up, he will ensure Little Man is doing his school assignments and brushing his teeth. He also will be in prayer for me and my parents. I will miss them, but I can rest assured that I can lean on Beloved from afar, because I know his heart is with me wherever I go.

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Marriage Moment: Leaning On Each Other
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