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It is here that you will discover information for general homeschooling, curriculum reviews, methods, learning styles and other relevant information to help you in your role as a homeschool mom.

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At Great Peace Academy we are a family homeschooling an only child who is a gifted learner. Homeschooling an only child presents it’s own unique set of circumstances. While homeschooling a gifted learner presents additional unique educational needs.

On the one hand there are many advantages to homeschooling an only child. On the other hand there are challenges as well. Additionally, our son Jonathan, being an advanced learner provides even more unique challenges. Seeking to meet his unique needs our homeschool is an eclectic mix of gifted learning resources, unit studies and advanced math.

My goal is to share the joys, sorrows, triumphs and even frustrations of our homeschool endeavors with you, my readers, so that you can see that you are not allow. While each homeschool is unique the underlying emotions that every homeschooling mom and student goes through are feelings that bind us in commonality.  

Maybe you are thinking about homeschooling and you just aren’t sure. That’s why you are searching the web for information. Here at Great Peace Academy, you will find many posts for home education, from encouraging thoughts and ideas, to how to do it and resources and curriculum to help you get started and keep going. 

Maybe you have already decided. Whether you are just starting out as a homeschooler or you’ve been on this journey for a while, please know you are not alone. With over 2 million in the U.S. chances are someone you know is already on the journey. One of the keys to being successful is to have a good support system. When I started out homeschooling, I felt very alone. But, after a bit of research I found just what I needed online. After that, as I continued to expand and grow as a homeschooler I learned about the homeschoolers in my own community and now feel I have a good support system both online and locally. 


Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Resources from Around the Web |

On the Great Peace Academy blog, I write about our homeschooling adventure, products we use, tips and ideas for homeschooling a gifted learner, as well as encouragement and information for homeschooling mamas. Sometimes I will share printable pages, most for free, as well as other relevant materials that can help you and your students in your family’s homeschool studies.

I also share product reviews. I always share my honest opinion of each product and I only seek to work with companies that offer quality materials at reasonable prices. So when you see a product review on my blog, know that I’m seeking to provide you with information about homeschooling and family products that I think will be beneficial to your family.


Great Peace Academy Gifted Learner

Gifted Child Homeschooling at Great Peace Academy

Homeschooling is daunting in and of itself. Taking on the full responsibility of seeing to the education of a gifted learner can seem like an insurmountable task. However, I fully believe there is no other educational solution that can or will better meet the unique needs of a gifted learner, than homeschooling can. Through homeschooling a family can truly provide an entirely customized education meeting a child where they are in their level of learning rather than holding them back or pushing them forward.

Through gifted learning posts at Great Peace Academy I will share resources, information, and encouragement to support your decision to homeschool your gifted learning child. Know that I am no expert, I’m simply a homeschooling mom learning her way through the education of my own child while seeking to meet his unique needs. 


Homeschool Learning with LEGO

Homeschool Learning with LEGO |

Most children love LEGO® Bricks. This toy which is so simple in its concept can produce amazing structures which teach both physics, engineering, art and so much more. You can even utilize these bricks for even the simplest of instruction. 


I hope you will join me as I continue my journey of home education. I need encouragement from you as much as you need it from me. So feel free to comment on posts, follow me on social media or share tips and ideas with me along the way.

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