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There are times when I find I have a need for a specific homeschooling worksheet that I can’t find, so I go to my Microsoft Publisher and create one. Realizing that others may have a need for the same thing I’ve been looking for, I like to offer my creations to you, my readers. Other times, I am privileged tow write or collaborate on a variety of eBooks or other downloadable products. That’s why I am sharing here my creative downloads, eProducts and even a listing of free printable items for your consideration.

I hope that you will find just what you’ve been needing! If not, let me know, maybe I could create what it is you are looking for.

Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory

This guide and directory is more than just a starter guide for new homeschool moms. It’s filled to the brim with information and resources for homeshooling from every region in the state of Ohio and includes extensive research on learning opportunities in all 88 counties. It’s now available in both in Kindle and in print formats. 

 The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

For this creation, I joined with 54 homeschooling mom bloggers from the iHomeschool Network and together we wrote 103 chapters covering all things homeschooling. We don’t just discuss the nuts and bolts of homeschooling, we share encouragement for every aspect of homeschooling, from PrK to teens, methods to how tos, family life to family struggles. We understand that homeschooling isn’t just about book learning, but life learning and life consists of home, family, as well as schooling. We offer you a ready resource of information at your fingertips any time you have a homeschooling question, need encouragement or want ideas for pepping up a boring school day.

Available in Multiple Formats.

eBook Avalialbe in pdf, mobi, epub (All for one low price) 





Family Devotionals from the School Room

This collection of Family Devotionals is brought to you by Kaio Publications. It is written by a collaboration of authors, including myself. There are 30 days worth of devotionals all of which are based upon an object lesson. In this case, objects from the school room. While you are there be sure to visit take a look at all of the Family Devotional ebooks. 



iBlog Pro 

This dynamic collaborative eBook is filled with tips, ideas, information and know how to take your blog from hobby blog to professional blog. 30 Professional bloggers share their secrets to success. 2 chapters are mine: Freelance Writing for Profit and An Introduction to Vlogging, (which was co-written by my Beloved husband using his 19 years of professional television broadcast experience.)

Find out more at


iBlog Pro

 Meal Planning E-Book

hopscotch series where I shared Meal Planning When You Don’t Like to Plan I decided to turn the series into a downloadable e-book. You can get it for FREE. Thank YOU  for being a follower of Great Peace Academy.

Meal Planning When You Don't Like to Plan | Renée at Great Peace

Free Printable Worksheets

Occasionally, I like to make printable worksheets to use in the homeschool and household. You can find each of them conveniently located on my Free Printables Page.

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