Life at the Academy

Not Back to School: A Day in the Life

Homeschool at Great Peace Academy has never looked like a typical classroom.

Life at the Homeschool Academy, a little peak inside what our day looks like at Great Peace Academy

We are not rise and shine kind of people. At least I am not a rise n shine kind of girl. So I usually sleep until around 9 or 9:30 a.m. Then I have a cup of coffee and maybe a bowl of cereal. What's that? Oh yes, my child. Well let's see, he gets up on his own, makes his own breakfast (usually cereal or toast or yogurt n fruit). Then spends a little time drawing pictures. Have I mentioned that he draws pictures during most of his spare time?

On a typical day we begin school around 10 a.m. We study for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours then break for an hour lunch. Following lunch, we return to studies until about 3:30-4:00 or until my Young Man has completed his daily assignments.

This will be the first year that we will be following a 5 day school week, in years past we have had 4 day weeks. I am still narrowing down my overall schedule, however, I am considering a 6 to 8 week cycle followed by a 1 to 2 week break.  

I'll be using my new Homeschool Teacher Planner to keep track of my schedule this year. I'll stay organized all year long and the pretty pop of colors on each page will encourage me to keep working through the year. 

Our Homeschool Schedule

  • Monday - Bible, Homeschool Gym, History and Literature
  • Tuesday - Bible,  History, Writing, Science, 
  • Wednesday - Bible, History, Science, Sentence and Paragraph Structuring, 
  • Thursday - Bible, History, Writing, LEGO club and Chess Club,  Piano & Voice 2x each per month. 
  • Friday - Bible, History, Science,  Literature
  • Saturday - Finish up any lessons needing to be completed, Field trips. 

As always my work is a work in progress. 

I make dinner and we are a bit of a couch potato family. I often have tv on in the background while I work on blogging tasks. Little man does some video game time, but mostly drawing. 

What's that? Um, yes. Beloved. Well as of last Monday. My Beloved man, Michael, finally started a new full time job. It is in his career field but a slightly different path than the ones previously taken.  I'll fill you in on more details soon. It will take a little while to figure out the new "norm" for him.

That's about it. What Life is like in our homeschool. What about you, what is life in your homeschool like?`

This month at the iHomeschool Network you can join in with the iHN  bloggers each Monday to share your own Not Back to School Blog Posts. Just follow each of these prompts and link up. 

Not Back to School Blog Hop Prompts. 

Not Back to School Blog Hop: School Room

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5 Things You Should Know About the 2014 Omnibus

The Homeschool Omnibus Sale Begins

UPDATE: This Sale is Now Over.

It's finally here. The Biggest and Best Homeschool eBook Library Sale starts Today! I'll be sharing details about the 2014 Homeschool Omnibus and affiliate links where you can purchase this wonderful digital library. 

Homeschool eBook Library, Omnibus Now Available 8/18/2014-8/24/2014. Hurry Don't Delay, via Great Peace Academy

What's the Homeschool Omnibus?

That's a question that I understand! I used to wonder the same thing. But then I learned, the Omnibus is a collection of written works, in this case a collection of Homeschool Encouragment, Curriculum, Family, Homemaking and Marriage eBook AND this year 24 MP3's of Encouraging and Instructional Audio Files.

5 Favorite Quotes in the Omnibus Library Collection

The Omnibus has books for a mother's heart, for marriage encouragement, for homemaking & management and so much more. I decided to pull my 5 favorite quotes from some of the books in this years collection. 
"You know, like me, the words shoot out to your children are not always kind or the tone is less than graceful. You are not alone. Oh friend, you are not alone! Mothers everywhere are struggling with responding to their children with a loving and gracious tone, especially in the midst of frustrations." Christin Slade from Joyful Mothering in A Gentle Answer.
 "I look at homemaking as my job and grocery shopping as a skill for me to develop." Kyle McVay from Aspired Living in A Simple Guide to Save Money on Food. 
"First of all, we must remember that God didn't create us with the "complete look." Going back to His Word, we see that we are perfectly and wonderfully made, which is our "natural" beauty." Misty Leask from Beautiful Ashes  in Dear Wife... Letters from a Help Meet
 "Essential Oils are the lifeblood of the plants and are highly concentrated. Therapeutic grade Essential Oils can be very healing to our bodies by carrying waste out of our body and nutrition into our cells.Mary Clendenin from The Encouraging Home, in Essential Chefs, an Essential Guide to Using Essential Oils in your Kitchen. 
 "I would rather do one high-quality, meaningful project than do many small projects just for the sake of saying we did a project." Kris Bales from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers in Hands On Homeschooling

Five Favorite Books in the Homeschool Omnibus

Favorite 5 eBooks from the 2014 Omnibus at Great Peace Academy

1. Help! I'm Homeschooling!, Tricia Hodges from Hodgepodge Mom.
Tricia's encouragement in practical homeschooling is what EVERY homeschooling mama needs. If you haven't read this eBook, you NEED to. Even if you don't get the Omnibus.
2. Writing a Biography, Valerie McClintick from The Crafty Classroom.
Writing is a struggle in our homeschool. After taking a look through this resource, I am excited to see the easy to follow clear instructions and step by step guides. I think they will make this essential skill an easier task in our homeschool.   
3. Table Talk Dinner Conversations Starters, Sara Avila from My Joy Filled Life.
These Conversation prompts offer a way to get the talking started around the dinner table. I'm excited to use them with my family.  
4. How to Choose Just the Right Books, Becky Spence from The Reading Mama.
I have struggled with this since starting homeschool 7 years ago. I love books and can read nearly everything you put in my hands. My son loves reading, but not necessarily all books. So, I'm looking forward to diving in to this book to develop this vital skill.  
5. Homeschooling High School, Marie-Claire Moreau from Quick Start Homeschool.
It will happen quicker than I can think, so I want to be prepared. That's why I will use the eBook to begin my research in to the what comes next in homeschool.

5 Reasons Why Should You Buy the Omnibus

1. There is so much information about How To Homeschool and Encouragement for the work ahead of you. 2. It's like continuing education/professional development for a low price. 3. Encouragement for your marriage and homemaking roles. 4. The curriculum and printables are great additions to any homeschool library.5. You get over $550 worth of eProducts for $25! On top of that, once you complete your purchase you will receive addtional Bonus resources from the Omnibus sponsors, valued at over $100. That means the overall value of your $25 purchase is worth more than $650.

The 2014 Homeschool Omnibus is Now Available for Sale, for a Limited Time Ends 8/24/14 via Great Peace Academy

Here's Five Facts about the Omnibus

**Sale is ONE WEEK Only: August 18-24, 2014.
**You can buy easily with Paypal.
**Once your sale is complete you will receive your files, instantly.
** 3 Buyers will WIN a KINDLE.
** You can see a complete listing of books on the Homeschool Omnibus website.

Additional Info You Need to Know:
>> The deadline for refunds is September 5. Positively no refunds will be given if the file host shows that you have downloaded any files.
>>The ebooks will only be available until September 25, please do not delay in downloading them. See the FAQ or contact iHomeschool Network for more information.
>>The sale has an additional DVD option that can be purchased until September 20.

Buy the Omnibus Today!

 The 2014 Homeschool Omnibus 

Exclusive Great Peace Academy BONUS! 

Exclusive Bonus Downolads for Omnibus Buyers via Great Peace Academy

If you purchase your 2014 Omnibus by linking from Great Peace Academy, I'm sharing a bonus download with you. 

Here's How:
  •  Click the above link, then on the Omnibus page make your purchase. 
  • Once you have completed your purchase, simply email me at
  • In the email give me the Transaction ID Number so I can verify your purchase. 
  • Then, I'll send your FREE LEGO Creative Writing Prompts. 3 Sets! 

Update: This Sale is Now Over.

What do you think? Which book makes you most excited for the sale? Let me know in Comments.

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